Sunday, June 27, 2010

Žižek audio lectures from Discourse Notebook in .mp3 format

I'm being sleuth and downloading Žižek audio lectures through sourcing code; feel free to right click and "save-as" from these links so you can throw them on your iPod like I will be doing. Hopefully discoursenotebook won't be pissed at me for doing this, but I can't sit here and stream these lectures; I'd much rather listen to them on the go and there seems to me to be no alternative :( (if anyone is upset, post in the comments or send me an email and I will immediately remove these links <3 ). (The Ignorance of Chicken) (Why September 12th is more important than September 11th) (On Violence) (Violence and the Left in Dark Times ) (Architecture as Ideology: the Failure of Performance-Arts Venues to construct a Communal Space)
(Populism and Democracy) (
Environment, Identity and Multiculturalism)

All of the credit here goes towards Discourse Notebook (, obviously. I simply made it possible for those who want .mp3 copies of Zizek's lectures to have them. Streaming audio simply does not suffice, in my opinion. Thank you Discourse Notebook for your hard work.


  1. Thanks for making these available for mp3, got a six hour drive tomorrow.....

  2. no problem; i'd recommend checking out for more.

  3. great job! I hate how now they're mostly only streaming rather than downloadable mp3s. Thanks.