Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peter Kropotkin- The Conquest of Bread

This book should be mandatory reading in any political science class, but, unfortunately, much of the anarchist perspective is overlooked within academia; many fail to recognize anarchism as a legitimate ideology that is far beyond the "chaos" that popular culture portrays it as. Considering the publication date of 1892, Kropotkins ideas surrounding a viable anarchist society and criticisms of the dangers of capitalism were incredibly ahead of their time. In The Conquest of Bread, Kropotkin even discusses the horrors of capitalism with regard to advertising, which is essentially the foundation of much of modern cultural studies, influenced by the New Left. Discussing division of labour, Kropotkin even mentions domestic work (or at his time, "women's work," though I shy away from using such a tired and damaged phrase) and discusses to a relatively large extent why it's problematic to not consider domestic work a form of work. Even the "Founding Fathers of Communism" overlook the significance in that. It is refreshing that such vibrant ideas existed in 1892, but it's also sad in that capitalism has essentially took hold by 2010 and Kropotkin has, in a way, been silenced.
Verdict: This is a must read for any leftist, anyone interested in leftism (specifically Anarcho-Communism), or any human being.
What to Listen to While Reading: Rudimentary Peni- Catastrophe LP

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