Sunday, October 25, 2009

Donna Haraway Live Theory- Joseph Schneider

I picked up Donna Haraway Live Theory at the same time I picked up the Chomsky and Herman book from Pulp Fiction on main in Vancouver. I picked it up because I had read A Manifesto for Cyborgs in my literary theory class and thought Haraway was not only brilliant, but mindblowing, for lack of a better term. Haraway is a feminist-scientist that perpetuates these ideals in her criticism of other scientific works/discovers as well as in her own studies. It is interesting to see a brilliant mind such as her own pick apart the biases found in scientific theory and in the world of science in general. Not being a biologist or that heavily rooted in the sciences, however, I was unsure how well I would digest her works, until I saw this introduction to Haraway of sorts.
In Live Theory, Schneider summarizes key theories that arose throughout Haraway's career, providing an easy to digest introduction to this amazing feminist and scientific mind. Haraway's works are intimidating, but Schneider does a great job breaking the ice. For anyone that is really into Haraway and doesn't think they need an introduction, there's a large chapter dedicated to conversations between Schneider and Haraway that shed light on her current work that may be useful to them.
Verdict: This is definitely worth reading if you find Donna Haraway intersting, are into feminist theory, or are just looking for something to read that will make you think.
What to listen to while reading: The Gentlemen Losers

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